More userlevels issue

Dear all,

There is still an issue with the userlevels. As you might have read before, I had to urgently switch to another userlevel system since the old one suddenly caused severe issues on the server.

I have now found out that the new system stores userlevels in all lowercase instead of the old one where the levels where stored with the first level in upper case. This difference is causing various problems on the server.

To fix this, I will need to change a couple of hundred lines all over the code and test it. I am afraid that this is a major issue and I hardly have any time for this.

I am not sure what to do here. But I am afraid that we have come to a point where keeping the server alive and working without problems is getting more work than I have time for. I am not sure how to go on from here but there needs to be changes and a likely dramatic downscale of the server complexity. But even that is also additional work…

At the minimum I will most likely not allow any new users on the server to reduce the issues.

I will try to fix this over the coming days but it will likely take a longer time.

thanks for your understanding.


5 thoughts on “More userlevels issue

  1. What language is this code in? We seem to have quite a few programmers around here, is this something one of us can try and figure out?

    • Correct, and PHP is one of languages I can deal with, if necessary.

  2. If we aren’t allowing new users for the time being, is it possible to disable lot reset with minimal invasive action?

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