System Status & 1.17 upgrade progress

Dear all, some updates first:

I have worked on the 2D map and fixed some issues after some back-and-forth with the developer of the software that generates them.

I also fixed most of the userlevel issues. There is still an issue where people are not properly downgraded after their donator status expires (they just stay donator), but I should be able to fix that soon.

Otherwise the server seems to be running smoothly, let me know if you are aware about any additional issues.

Regarding the 1.17 upgrade, there is of course not yet any 1.17 version of the server out that we can use, but there is an additional roadblock in the way: 1.17 does not run on Java 8 anymore but instead requires java 11+. This is a small issue since we are using some plugins that require java 8. While I have been working in the past already to upgrade some of them to Java 11, this is not finished yet.

Anyhow, as previously, once the update is done, we will have to check all the other plugins for compatibility and since 1.17 is a quite big upgrade, there is a certain risk that this will take longer this time. Let’s wait and see how it goes. So no ETA for this one yet.