1.17 status

Paper (our MC server software) has just released an “OK” version of MC 1.7. This means that there are no major known game-wrecking bugs in it anymore. We have to expect a MC 1.17.1 to be released soon since there are still many known smaller bugs in the official MC server 1.17 which is the base for Paper.

I am also very busy this week on different projects so I won’t be able to spend time on the upgrade – which does not make too much sense yet anyhow. I will likely spend more time next week then and prepare for the version change by first moving the existing server to a newer Java version as this is anyhow required for 1.17.

I hope that until then 1.17.1 will be ready and also more plugins will have updated for that version. Then, once Paper catches up with this, I will attempt to move the server to that version as well.

Stand by for more announcements.

11 thoughts on “1.17 status

  1. Great news. Judging by my experience with 1.17, it makes certain things easier (more metals, for example).

  2. I keep crashing when I try to play multiplayer and single player and I have upgraded the launcher.

    • I cannot help you at all with this. I can only recommend to uninstall and re-install Minecraft completely. Better make a backup first so you do not lose your singleplayer content.

  3. Unc, I uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher and I still crash in 1.17. When will I be able to migrate my account to microsoft?

  4. Is there a to merge to Microsoft if I missed the invite?

  5. I meant is there a way to migrate if I didn’t choose to migrate at the time of the invite?

  6. I figured out why I crashed in 17.1, the preview of optifine wasn’t working right. I still can’t play multiplayer yet, probably have to merge with Microsoft first to do that. Thanks for your help Unc

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