Mine Bitcoin!

Welcome to some real-world virtual (hu?) mining at Uncovery! On this page, you can mine Bitcoins that are then used towards your donator-status. This allows you to become donator by using your PC’s processing power instead of real cash. Of course, mining takes a while, but you can try it out over night and see the effect. If you have a fast graphics card, this can be very effective. We don’t directly mine Bitcoin (BTC) here, we make a detour via Monero (XMR) which is easier to mine on a browser than BTC. I can then conver XMR into USD or anything else. This is still in trial. There will be soon a function that allows you to convert the money from this page into donator status. Please observe your CPU load! below, the slider is set to 50%. If you are not using your PC, you can set it to 100% to speed up mining. You need to be logged in to see this!