Progress #13

Thanks to the notice from VixenGold, I have realized that Echantment storage has also changed from numerical IDs to text IDs. I updated the database accordingly. This means that previously deposited and stocked goods (books & items) should now be fine to buy/withdraw from the store/deposit.

7 thoughts on “Progress #13

  1. Use to on the vote rolls when we won items like saplings, wood, stone or such, it would be a random amount. Lately, I have noticed that it is only one of the item that we get. Was the random amount changed to just 1 or is that broken?

    • It’s temporarily set that way. Right now you can get anything and I want to void someone getting 64 blocks of diamond. I need to setup a new system to do this stuff. Either I remove the “random item” or I find out a way how to make a list of items that I do not have to review each time the new version of minecraft screws with it.

      • Ah ok. That also explains why I sometimes get a block of air, which I think is very funny. I took one out of my lotto and nothing (but air). I still have the other air block in my lotto deposit for laughs. Thanks.

  2. also the shop is a bit strange on finding stuff. If you are holding something and do /find, you have no problems finding the item in the shop. But if you do /find diamond ore, you get a list of oak leaves. Do /find oakleaves and you find dark oak planks. Do /find darkoakplank and you find polished diorite. It looks like if one wants to find something in the shop they must have that item already. That might be difficult on some items.

    • Thanks, I will look into that. I likely have to rewrite that whole system since it’s based on some outdated information.

  3. Just wanted to point out that I was looking to get myself a nicely enchanted fishing rod, looked it up in the shop, it said that the fishing rod had mending, luck of the sea 3, and lure 3. Bought the fishing rod… and it’s not enchanted at all. So, there’s definitely still a bug there of some sort with the enchanted items.

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