Temp Server shutdown next week (Updated)

Everyone, I am planning to shut down the temp server in the course of next week. Please finalize whatever you need to do before the end of the coming weekend. Here is a list of things that will happen to help you prepare:

  • Temp Server: All worlds except the “normal” will be deleted (end, nether etc).
  • Main Server: The darklands will be deleted.
  • Temp Server darklands will become Main Server Darklands.
  • Torches/lit pumpkins/sea lanterns in the temp server will be removed as much as possible automatically.
  • UPDATE: Your inventory & Ender chest content will be wiped on the temp server. Put your stuff in normal or shulker boxes.

18 thoughts on “Temp Server shutdown next week (Updated)

  1. The majority of spawn is lit by pumpkins… anyone want to help change that out? – otherwise darklands will be very dark.

    • Yesterday I have installed a couple of stacks of glowstone in spawn, quick and dirty.. far from exhaustive but it should make the reconquest easier and safer, with the help of glowstone stocks from the main server’s reserves.

      I mostly did the maps houses, the common bedroom and stairs down to the the big portal room, paths to the “post office”, nether wart building and the lights in the electro creeper corral.

  2. Question: When the new darklands replaces the current darklands, will we be able to use place sea lanterns there like in the old darklands? Or will sea lanterns be on the list of light sources that are unable to be placed? The reason why I ask is because with the current darklands on the server, sea lamps can be placed.

    • Yeah, there were also a bunch of torches in the current darklands. Somehow, at some time, the mechanism to prevent placing these types of lights failed. I am not sure why or how, but sea lanterns were always on the list of blocked light sources.

      Since you can make them in huge quantities in spawners, I don’t think they should be able to be used to light up the darklands.

      • I’m not sure any torches were placed after the switch, but a lot of torches were left from the temp server period.

    • Yeah some parts are gonna be mob infested.. I hope we can avoid creeper grief before we get it all lighted.

  3. I hope everyone realise that it’s the server that is “temp”, not the shutdown, which is very final.

    Appart from a change in lights, I assume that personnal inventory and enderchest content will not be translated to the future main server DL. I’m not sure about shulker boxes, so I won’t trust those either.

  4. Update: I set up a small platform with roof around the blue portal at 285 74 -156 (I have no idea wether Unc will connect it to the spawn portal or not), and put some glowstones on the path from there to the mainland.

    Quick and dirty stuff, very little time involved, feel free to destroy and rebuild as initially planned.

    • (same goes for the widening of the path, I made it 3 wide with the first planks I found in my junk chests)

      • :) The storage for DL stuff that was salvaged has about a chest full or half a double chest full of glow stones and I have about the same amount in my personal storage. When the merge happens I will hit the tunnel that goes to the jungle, desert, reef, and mesa first the tunnel will be safe to take. Then I will hit areas around spawn that might have been overlooked.

  5. Was not testing but found out the hard way, the cuss word filter for chat is not working. I am so sorry. I did not say really bad words but a few minor ones slipped. Sorry I was use to the filter.

  6. A bit of confusion with the temp server shutdown – is my lot going to be part of the reset? I got it from 1.12, I play it in 1.13. I feel like an old person XD I’m only 18.

  7. Do we have an estimated date for the shutdown/merge?
    I’m just very excited to get into the new DL with my empire materials, and update a few of my empire lots.

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