Empire Renewal!

ATTENTION! IMPORTANT: I always get panicky mails/questions from users who don’t read the blog after this type of posts: I always get asked if their lot will be reset. It won’t! We NEVER reset occupied lots. PLEASE tell that when people ask you in-game.

As you know from previous posts, I have been investigating a possible reset of the empty lots in the empire to the latest world generation method. The original purpose was to get all the current types of granite and other natural resources into the empire. Another issue that popped up now is that the 2D map cannot process the data of the old empire and every lot reset creates black areas in the 2D map until someone goes to that location.

For this to happen, I needed to make sure that the world generation from 1.13 does not look completely different than 1.9 and before (when we created the empire). I now tested that and can confirm that there are no major differences on the 2D map. Most visual differences is that there will be ice in 2 of the oceans that we have and some of the waterways will have slightly different outlines. Trees are also not in the exact same location. Otherwise, it seems to be pretty much as expected.

This means that I will replace the “mint” world that we use to reset the empire with a new version that was created after the release of 1.13, and then I will manually reset all empty lots. There is a chance that if you had a tunnel/mineshaft that enabled you to walk into a neighboring empty lot, it will be gone. There is also a high chance that your trees that overlap into neighboring empty lots will be cut off. The impacts should be minimal however.

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  1. Does this mean i need to tear down anything i want to save and store ?

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