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New Lot management command!

We have now a new, cool (if I might say so) lot management command!

You just type /lot manage and it will show you the members of the current lot (provided it’s yours). It will also show you all online users. Behind each user it will show you a [X] for removal or a [+] for adding people to your lot.

If you have ideas for additional commands like this, please let me know!

Smaller fixes

Just wanted to let you know that there are some smaller fixes done:

  • Nether Brick has a really stupid internal naming system, with nether_brick being the block, netherbrick being the individual brick and some systems using nether_brick_item for the latter. This has caused people who deposited the individual bricks not being able to withdraw them. That is fixed now.
  • Skulls (skeleton, zombie etc) have two different types, the one that is in-game, placed somewhere and the other one that you can hold in your hand. stupidly they have the same name, but are two different things. Spigot names the second one ‘skull_item’ but I cannot use that to give it to people, so I need to do some conversion. This is fixed now. So you should be able to deposit and trade skulls now.
  • Reading in-game of web blog posts with line breaks did not work. The format is now correct and you can see it just as well as on the web.

Back from Holidays…

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am back online after a week of having a severe infection (beaten down by Antibiotics) and 10 days of great diving holidays. If you want to see some photos of underwater creatures you never thought existed, please take a look at my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/uncovery.photo/

I will start working in the coming days on some fixes and updates, please stand by for news here.

Today’s development updates

This is a daily update on the status of the work done behind the scenes.
Our webserver is completely open source, hosted on GitHub. You can help improve the server by fixing issues here.

Today’s development updates

This is a daily update on the status of the work done behind the scenes.
Our webserver is completely open source, hosted on GitHub. You can help improve the server by fixing issues here.

New instant withdraw function for depositbox!

There is another new function that I am rolling out right now: Hover & click functions in game text. Some of this was depending on NBT (see the previous posts).

The first implementation is for the depositbox and the shop. You can now hover over enchanted items to see their properties. The Enchanted items are listed now in blue.

Secondly, the depositbox now has buttons to instantly withdraw items, no typing needed anymore. If an item has only one in stock, there will be one button to withdraw it, and if there are more than one there is a second button to withdraw only one of them.

You can hover over the blue buttons to withdraw them.


More functionality like this will follow over the next weeks. If you have proposals on how to do mouse-overs or click functions, please let me know and I will see if I can implement them.

Today’s development updates

This is a daily update on the status of the work done behind the scenes.
Our webserver is completely open source, hosted on GitHub. You can help improve the server by fixing issues here.

BIG news: NBT Data

So, today, I am writing about something really, really big. Something we have been fighting with for a long, long time. Something I have basically already given up on some long time ago. But now, it’s here.

What is it?

NBT Data.

What the @$&#% is NBT data?

Big. Really Big. It’s the best. Really great. We have the best NBT Data in the whole world.

Sorry about that.Got into the mode of my day job…

NBT data is, increasingly everywhere. As you might know, every block/item in the game used to have a number (air is 0, cobblestone is 1 and so on). Then, there was a second number to define sub-types like wool color, damaged swords, egg spawn types and so on.

Then Mojang found that they cannot remember all the numbers after they added so many blocks and renamed all blocks from numbers to item names (like ‘air’, ‘stone’ etc). Then, they realized that they had too many subtypes. Since swords are not only damaged but also enchanted, potions, fireworks and banners can have several properties, you need more information than just another number. So they created NBT (Named Binary Tag).

We are using PHP for all the deposit, shop and so on, and to be able to use PHP for a game written in Java, you need an interface. Ours is called websend.

There are 2 issues with that. 1) The way minecraft stores the NBT data is a bloody mess. 2) Anyone who wants to get NBT data out of minecraft needs to sort out that mess. So Websend needsĀ  to do the same. But they never really did. They did enchantements, used again a special format for it and then stopped there. So we never got anything else running but enchantments. In the meantime, even spawn eggs moved from numbers to NBT to indicate what mob would spawn, and they broke. Potions as well.

And then the solution came when Psiber got behind it and fixed Websend in about a full week of nerve-wrecking fiddling with the minecraft code, the websend code and another plugin that is supposed to solve NBT issues but is already included in a broken version in another plugin that we also use, so he could not use it again, and the format was wrong, and the quotes where encapsulated and whatnot other programmers nightmares.

Anyhow. You get the picture. And in the end he fixed it and I had valid NBT data in websend to use in PHP. Then, I had to go and look for every time we display item data, store item data, give items or take items from somewhere, and change the method so that it would not work only for the legacy enchantments format but for all NBT data.

Then I had to go into the shop and deposit and reformat all the existing stuff to the new NBT format so people could continue getting their lottery stuff and so on.

And now, it’s hopefully done. What does that mean?

We can use the following items in shops, deposits & lottery:

  • written books
  • potions
  • enchanted books & items
  • dyed armor
  • spawn eggs
  • named items
  • fireworks
  • shields & banners
  • any new item that mojang dreams up.

However we have actively blocked shulker boxes from being deposited (for obvious reasons).

What is left to do? A lot. some stuff more needed than others, some cool stuff as well.

  • We still have work to improve the display of items and how you can find them in the shop better than today. (e.g. search for enchantments or specific potion effects.
  • We have the option now to ‘copyright’ certain banners (as a donator perk for example) and then nobody else can create/use the same banner.
  • fix potential bugs (I have tried to test stuff, but I am not 100% sure if I got all the options).
  • Online editors for things like books (although this is complex in most cases)
  • Any other ideas?

Please be careful for the next couple of days with the shop & deposit. Please report to me immediately if something is not working 100% right. If there is an issue, make careful tests to make sure the issue is repeatable. Please don’t come to me saying you lost 100 diamonds because you tried the same issue 100 times and it still did not work.

Finally a big thanks to Psiber who helped making this possible!