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Server issues

There seems to be something wrong with the server. After 2 users got stuck in limbo after entering the ender dragon portal, the server crashed overnight. 

I restarted it this morning but it seems to have been a short-lived fix since the server went down again. 

The biggest issue is that I am not at home and can only restart the server via cellphone but not really search and fix the issue.

Please report here in the comments if the server is down for now.

Further, if the server crashes right after you login, please report it and do not login for today anymore since you might be the cause for it.

Team speak temporarily down.

Since there is a new, so far unpatched vulnerability in the temspeak server code, I had to take the service down until further notice.

The guy who found the issue unfortunately released it into the open immediately w/o notification to the software developers first, so we have to wait now for a patch.

Message from far, far away

Dear all, I am finally on a long-awaited holiday (actually since last Saturday already). I jut wanted to let you know that emails might not be answered at the same speed as usually but within 12 hours max. As a compensation for waiting here a photo I took yesterday:

Long Nose Hawk Fish

Long Nose Hawk Fish

Server issues

Overnight I got 2 reports of abnormal crashes of minecraft clients. I just updated the server to the latest version, please let me know if you see any other weird behavior.

I am on the road and not sure how fast I can react, but please make sure you report everything you see.