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1.16.1 upgrade status

Dear all,

as 1.16.x is out now since a couple of days, I just wanted to let you where we are with the upgrade. The primary software that needs to be updated is Spigot. They have released 1.16.1 versions, but I have no idea how stable/reliable those are. They do not really release final products but rather daily updates. The best sign that their current 1.16.x version is stable is when they make it the default version in their updating mechanism. Until then, updating spigot will give you 1.15.2 unless you manually specify otherwise. This is not the case yet.

Next issue is that the way how a world is stored has changed. This means that our 2D and 3D maps will stop working until the people maintaining those software will release 1.16. compatible versions. There might be other plugins that break with 1.16.2, but I am not aware about any issues at the moment.

The change of world storage also means that we need to go through a lengthy upgrading process since all worlds need to be processed for the new format. I will try to do that on my PC at home since it’s faster, but that also means I will have to transfer a couple of Gigabytes of data back and forth, and the server will be down during that time.

So in summary: I do not think we are ready to upgrade just yet. I probably will wait until early next week and then check which plugins released 1.16.x versions and check that everything works before we dive into the actual upgrade. So please be patient and stick to 1.15.2 until we are ready.


Chat software upgrade

I have upgraded several parts of our chat infrastructure today. There is one remaining bug outstanding, which is that when a user chats in the game, the world is not properly displayed to discord users. Right now there is still the placeholder %world% in the chat. I have posted a question with the devs to resolve this and we have to see how and how fast this gets resolved.

[Update] This issue is now resolved [/Update]

This was more of a maintenance update, no special new features are available now.

1.16… coming soon?

Last week Mojang released 2 pre-release versions of 1.16. I would think that we can expect the final version within the next 1-2 weeks and then us upgrading within another week or so… hold on tight, a massive nether update is coming!!!

Unc’s Shop Changes

I have just made the following changes to the infinite supply of items in my shop:

  • I have removed all the special stone bricks (mossy etc) since those are craftable now
  • I have removed podzol since that’s much more common now.
  • I have removed the saplings since people should go out and get them from the darklands.
  • I have added fox, donkey, llama, panda and ocelot eggs to the shop (FYI I did not add the polar bear since they can become aggressive without direct attacks)
  • I have added the enchanted golden apple

FYI: 1.16 upgrade

Please note that the following will happen once we upgrade to 1.16 (date yet unknown):

  • The nether will be reset (i.e. completely wiped and re-generated). This won’t affect anything except for items you have stored there.
  • The aether will be deleted (i.e. completely wiped and NOT re-generated). This won’t affect anything except for items you have stored there.

Until we find a new world generator (or Mojang makes one) that works fine as a replacement for the aether, we will have to do without one.

Update: FYI, Mojang is releasing daily new pre-releases now:

There is supposed to be a final release before the 26th. We will have to see if the spigot release will take a long time, but I would think this will be quick since they were able to work with the snapshots already.

Today’s development updates

This is a daily update on the status of the work done behind the scenes.
Our webserver is completely open source, hosted on GitHub. You can help improve the server by fixing issues here.

Donator bug fixed

Thanks to a note from Kidcodiwise, I found a bug in the system that kept donators longer at their donator status than intended. I originally made it so that a user’s donator level is being checked and downgraded (if applicable) when the user logs in. This would however keep users forever a donator in case they just never come back after being upgraded.

I now included that check in the lot reset process that runs every night, so your lot will reset properly if your donator status has expired. Tonight a couple of lots will reset accordingly.

Today’s development updates

This is a daily update on the status of the work done behind the scenes.
Our webserver is completely open source, hosted on GitHub. You can help improve the server by fixing issues here.

1.15.2 icons updated in the shop manager

I have worked in the past weeks on 2 things:

  • The update of this github repository: https://github.com/PrismarineJS/minecraft-data. It collects minecraft data into program-usable files. I have worked with the developer to add 1.15.2 data so that we know what blocks are exactly available in this version of the game.
  • I have improved the code that uses the resulting data and downloads the icons for all items/blocks from the Minecraft wiki and other resources. This means, that except for 3 bee-related items, we have the proper icons updated in the shop manager on the website now.

As a side note, I have also written code (https://github.com/PrismarineJS/minecraft-wiki-extractor/pull/27) that extracts all possible enchantments and their conflicts (e.g. you cannot have 2 protection enchantments on one item) from the minecraft wiki. I still need to integrate that code into this website, but that will eventually help us to hand out better randomly enchanted items through the lottery.

Fixes list

I am trying to assemble a list of things that need to be fixed here. Please help contributing if you see that something is broken:

  • Player heads need to be fixed on the website
  • Voting for users needs to be fixed
  • Aether world needs to be replaced
  • Properly phase out IRC chat
  • check on mob disguises for donators – the plugin went premium… need a new one.
  • check that stories work yes!