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Disguises & Teleport blocks

I was reminded by Alleywig in a forum post that the old Disguise plugin protected users to be teleported to. Since the disguise plugin broke some time ago, I forgot to look for an alternative. In order to re-instate the teleport block, I now simply gave all donators from Architect level and above the option to use the /tptoggle command (see instructions on the bottom of the User commands page) to block people teleporting to them. I consider the option by masters to teleport to users a security feature, so I do want to keep that an option for Citizen and below.

Further, I am looking into alternative plugins to re-enable the disguises. More to follow once I have found something that works and updated the command instructions.

Inventory System update

So here is the current (and hopefully final) status update regarding the inventory:

I have now replaced the old, dysfunctional inventory system with a new one. It should now be able to deal with ALL types of items and blocks. That means that you should be able to have banners, shulker boxes and all kinds of enchantments etc. in your inventory and enderchests without a risk of losing them.

ATTENTION: The Deposit and Shop still cannot deal with them since spigot (the server software) has a bug here that does not send the information properly to the system I am using.

The new system works a bit different from the old one: It is unfortunately less flexible. The old one for example shared XP across all survival worlds. The new one is simpler. You share ALL items (XP, health, enderchests, hunger) across the “normal” survival worlds: empire, darklands, nether, kingdom & aether, all other survival worlds each have their own, isolated set of those and nothing can be carried across. Let me know if the system does it differently in any sense.

I have done my best to convert existing inventories from the old system to the new one. It could be that some of the enderchest contents have been lost in the process. If you have significant contents lost from your ender chest, let me know in a comment here within the next 2 weeks and I will try to recover them. It’s quite complicated (not even sure how possible) to do, so please only do that if your lifeblood was stored in there.

Inventory system overhaul

As you might now, we have had recently issues with the inventory system. The problem was that the system we used was not updated beyond the changes of the last several Minecraft versions, which resulted in several bugs, specially in newer complex items such as shulker boxes, banners etc. 

So the pressure to switch to another system was growing and now I am working on it. There are multiple issues however: 

  • We have too many old users. With so many users to convert to the new system, the server never finishes the process. So I had to purge all inventory of users who did not login in the last 200 days.
  • The old system was more flexible, as it allowed to block sharing specific items such as ender chests between specific worlds. Since the new system does not allow this, I had to block ender chest sharing between all worlds.

The whole thing is still in testing. I am trying to get the most out of you while inconveniencing as few people as possible. Please be patient. 


Plugin Updates

I am working right now on replacing some of the out-dated plugins on the server with newer alternatives. Already updated are the Essentials and EssentialsSpawn plugins that manage level-based spawn points and several other commands that recently broke.

I am now working on replacing the complete Chat plugin. I will try to replicate our currrent environment as much as possible with alternative plugins. This will take a bit of time to understand and mirror all the configurations 1:1, so the chat might not be working as expected until then. Please be patient.

Don’t trust shulker boxes!

Dear all,

I am getting repeated reports that shulker boxes seem to be glitchy. Please do not transport valuables in them for now! I will see what I can do, but from this post on, any and all losses to shulker boxes are your own problem.

sorry for the trouble!


PSA: Do not deposit or trade full Shulker boxes

Unfortunately, our deposit system cannot read the contents of Shulker boxes. So any content is wiped when they are deposited or offered for sale. Please empty them before depositing or offering them. I will see if I can implement a warning into the system to prevent losses.

[Update] I will not be able to detect filled shulker boxes in the system and warn users not to deposit them. I submitted a bug report to the developer of the affected plugin. Let’s hope that there will be an update.

Enchantments update

I have updated the enchantment table to include all available enchantments and curses to work properly in the system, so deposit and selling should not be a problem.

Further, the lottery win of “single enchanted random item” will give you now any of the available items in the wiki list. That means you have a certain chance to win a pair or Elytra, but just as well a cursed other item.

Good luck!

The End is now reset and fixed

After another user entered the exit portal in The End and the server crashed, I decided to investigate the issue closer and it looks like I could fix the problem.
So now, if you get into the exit portal of The End you will pop out in the darklands, near the spawn there instead of being stuck in limbo and taking the server down with you.

Minecraft 1.11 server is live!

We are now live with minecraft 1.11! I did some rough testing and added all the new blocks and items to the system so they can be traded in the shop. Before trying to sell or buy any of the new blocks, please try to deposit one of them and then withdraw it. If that works, they are safe for trading.

have fun!

1.11 Upgrade pending

Dear all,

MC 1.11 has been released, and as usual, we cannot upgrade right away.

I have to wait until spigot gets updated, which seems to take until the 20th. Then I need to make some test to make sure it works fine and enable all new items in the shop etc.

So please be patient and do not try to connect with a 1.11 version client until I am able to upgrade.