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First issue identified

So I did the first upgrade test and realized that Websend breaks as soon as someone has an enchanted item in the inventory. I am checking right now if I can fix this on the quick, otherwise we have to go back to 1.12 for a while.

Main server remains down for the time being, will report back with the progress.

Good news, everyone!

Guys, I just did some preliminary upgrade testing. What I did was created a new (mint) world/server and added all the plugins that we are currently using with more or less empty configs to it to see if any of them create errors. After upgrading all those which would not work to current updated 1.13 versions and… it worked! I could login and run websend commands etc. Tghi

That means that we are ready for phase 2:

This means that I would take a backup of the current server and upgrade it to 1.13.2, try again with full plugin configurations. If that works as well, we are ready to upgrade. Right now, I am quite positive that this will work nicely.

Fingers crossed!

First upgrade testing to begin soon

Just to keep everyone up to date, I wanted to let you know that the Spigot software that runs our server has now reached a development status where no more serious issues with world conversions are to be expected. This means that we can start testing upgrading the server. The current running server will be so far unaffected. I will be basically making a copy of the server, test the new spigot version and see what breaks. Once I have a list of plugins/code that needs to be updated, we will work through it and then prepare for the main server upgrade. I hope that we will see the actual upgrade sometime in November.

Temp server region deleted

After my warning in the last post, we still have excessive lag on the server. I went around and found a massive villager breeding station and took action by deleting the region file it was in. The area removed is 512,0,0 to 1023,255,511.

If you have any other industrial breeding/farming equipment, I’d recommend to remove it, if I find it I will delete the region file again.

Sorry if someone else’s work got caught in this action. It’s the only thing I can do – except for closing down and deleting the temp server completely. Let’s not let it come to that.

Let me please remind you that the temp server is NOT there so that you can build all the things that the main server does not allow you so that you can stockpile resources for the upgrade.

Temp Server CPU Load

Dear all,

the temp server is running at a very very high CPU load. Please make sure that you don’t overdo it with farms, redstone etc. The same rules as for the main server are valid for the temp server. Just the fact that we don’t have plugins to prevent you from doing excessive stuff, does not mean it’s allowed.

If I need to go around to find laggy stuff, I won’t hesitate to just reset the whole area. If I find out who did it, bans might happen as well.

So please be considerate of the other folks on the server and stick to the rules!

Good News, Everyone!

As reported before, the map format of minecraft changed considerably with 1.13. This broke the tool that we use to reset lots. As you can imagine, the ability to reset lots is one of the core functionalities of this server. Other servers provide only flatlands-style lots to users. On the contrary, we have always provided users with real-world lots in the empire and kingdom with the option to reset it when a new user comes in.

This functionality is a key component of the “vanilla-style” immersion of the server and the preservation of a natural looking environment was always a key driver for the server look & feel.

So since 1.13 was breaking the tool that we were using from the start to accomplish this feature, I was on the lookout for people who would be able to help us to port the tool to 1.13. Unfortunately, despite many, many people who had done small steps in continuing to develop the tool in the early days (2015…), there was only one person making recent contributions to it.

I contacted that person and luckily got a fast reply, but in the end this person did not work on the recent changes (yet). So I gave up to look for current editors and returned to contact Azkedar, the user who helped us so kindly to originally extend the external tool to dramatically simplify the lot reset process.

Azkedar was so kind to immediately respond to my query and essentially come back within no less than 50 hours with a new, working version of the tool that enables us to reset lots in 1.13.

I cannot thank him enough for the fast contribution to this issue. Without this, we would be stuck in 1.12 for the time being. And while, yes, there are even today servers that are stuck on version 1.8, I always took pride and a lot of effort in keeping up with recent versions and attracting users with the latest features instead of hoping that people would somehow not think that new blocks are important for the sake of sticking to the same server.

So in other words, as soon as Spigot gets upgraded reliably to 1.13, we are good to go along for the most important parts of the server functionality.

We will still have to see if Websend (used for the majority of user commands) is any issue, but the base server mechanics will continue working!


More news regarding 1.13 upgrade

So there are some more news regarding the 1.13 upgrade of the main server:

  • The 2D map is actively being worked on, it looks like we will have a working version once we upgrade our server
  • The 3D map as well
  • Spigot might have a stable version in the next 2-3 weeks as per estimates.
  • No news on the lot reset process yet. This is key, I will try to find alternative tools here in the meantime or fix the current one.

1.13 upgrade – updates

Hey all, I have done some more work to check into the 1.13 upgrade and wanted to update you on the status.

So first of all, FYI, the chunk/nbt format has been changed dramatically. That’s the data format used to store any and all information of the minecraft worlds. So any and all tools and plugins that change or read that data will break with 1.13 the one or other way.

The maintainers of Spigot (the software our server runs on) are working on an method to bridge some of the gaps (specifically the items and blocks in your inventory), but anything that runs outside of spigot will not have this benefit and break with 100% certainty. This involves, for us specifically:

  • The 2D map
  • The tool that we use to reset lots

Now for the 2D map, there is good news, there are already now people working on fixing this, which is great. For the tool to reset lots, the news is not so good. The original tool that was the base for what we are using right now, has not been touched by the original author since 7 years. We had “Azkedar”, one of our former members write an extension to that tool to allow us to easily copy lots in 2014, so 4 years ago but Azkedar has not been around for some years. However, I found someone who updated that original tool just some 2 months ago. I have contacted that person today to check if they plan to update it to 1.13 as well. So we can hope that this is the case, and if yes, that Azkedar’s extension will work with the updated tool without modification. Otherwise we will have to get in contact with Azkedar as well to see if he would be so kind to update the extension as well.

If that does not work, I am afraid, we would have to find a completely new way to reset lots, which might be difficult. There seem to be methods for a plugin to do that, but that would have to be programmed first and we would have to have the mint worlds loaded in-game as well. I am not sure what that means for server performance if we suddenly need to keep 2x the amount of worlds loaded. At the minimum, we have to refrain from lot resets and have to move to lot regeneration, which means that the lots would always be updated/reset to the current render standard, which in return would mean that every deserted lot in the kingdom would automatically become a 1.13+ lot, with all the potential disruptions to the surface continuity along with it.

If all else fails, we would be stuck with 1.12. Considering that there are a lot of servers that are stuck with 1.8, this is not a total disaster, but still not really desirable for anyone.

So if by chance you know how to program C and can help to update this tool to 1.13, please help us all to keep updating the server!

Expectation management…

So to do some expectation management for the upgrade of the main server to 1.13, I am afraid that we might be in for a longer wait, and that is a pure guess based on the issues outlined on what I read online. It seems that the 1.13 version has changed some core issues in how the maps and items are stored, the so-called NBT format. This means that:

  • Spigot itself seems to be on a longer schedule to have a stable version out. Right now they are warning that an upgrade to the test versions of spigot will corrupt the maps, so of course we won’t touch that.
  • Our systems for lot resets might break. If this is the case, we have to see if the programs we use for that can and will be updated for the new version or if we can find alternatives for that.
  • Other important plugins might fail, such as websend. We might need to manage to get those updated as well somehow.

Those last two are seemingly the same as for other previous version upgrades of minecraft, but it seems that this time there is such a massive change to core code structure that I see an increased right of something to fail.

So we will continue to wait and hope for the best to get an upgrade as soon as possible. Right now, as we don’t even have a stable spigot version to work with, I cannot really do anything. I will wait for the stable version and then we will have to do some proper testing.

So let’s hope for the best and see what will happen!

1.13 Upgrade Status

Hi all,

I hope you all are enjoying the 1.13 temp server! To keep you up to date on recent developments, I would like to inform you that Spigot, the software that we use to run the server, has started to release the first development builds. This is a great sign of progress, but they are not usable for us so far. We will have to wait until something stable is released before we can start checking for our own upgrade. In previous upgrades, minecraft also released additional patches in the weeks after the upgrade, which might delay stuff as well.

Anyhow, I am on vacation until early August, and won’t be able to do any upgrades on the server until then. I would be surprised however if we had a working spigot until then.

So have fun with the temp server!

1.13 is live!!!

We are live with a temporary server on minecraft version 1.13. To connect, you need to have had whitelisted before this post. You can connect to this 1.13 server on this address:


This world will become the darklands once we will upgrade the main server to 1.13. The temporary 1.13 server will be stopped then – no discussions about it.

Please, if you collect valuables, make sure to hide/protect them, we had always griefing on the temp servers in the past!

Have fun with 1.13!!

Minecraft 1.13 tomorrow?

So I just read on minecraft.net that there could be a release tomorrow! If so, I will immediately setup a parallel 1.13 server which will be accessible by existing Settlers and above levels for the new, temporary darklands. Then, I we will see over the coming days how we upgrade the rest to 1.13, depending on plugin compatibility. I do not expect major problems, but you never know. Also, I will be on vacation for 2 weeks from Thursday on, so please do not expect too much before August :D.

Temporary Darklands coming!

So I decided that we will have another temp server the day 1.13 is released. This Temporary server will have the following rules:

  • Only users who are Settler at the day we open it are allowed in.
  • The world will become the new darklands once we upgrade the whole server to 1.13
  • The temporary server will be shut down – no discussions on this one – once we upgrade the main server to 1.13
  • Inventories of users on the temp server will be wiped on upgrade and cannot be transferred to the main server.