Server updated to 1.15.2

Minecraft released version 1.15.2 a couple of days ago, and today Spigot also released their server version, so I just updated our server as well. So please connect with the latest client.

Let me know if there are any issues.

1.15 active! But…

So we are now live on 1.15. The only issue that I ran into during the world upgrades is that the Aether world kept making problems. There are is a long list of chunks that are corrupt on many levels. I tried several times to fix this, but it seems that there are issues recurring continuously. So I had to remove it for minecraft to be able to finish the process.

My proposal would be that we drop the Aether as a world. If you feel that there are massive assets that you have in the Aether, please let me know. If nobody speaks up in the coming weeks, I will simply phase this world out and we stick to the existing worlds. Otherwise I can re-enable the world for a while so that you can get your stuff out and we would then remove it. Let me know.

Status update

So I am still upgrading the worlds. There are broken chunks (too many entities and other issues) that I need to fix when they pop up and each time require a restart. It won’t re-upgrade the chunks but simply iterating through 7 million for the End world takes a while.

So give me some more time and I hope it will be done soon.

Server Upgrade to 1.15

Dear all, I am upgrading the server to 1.15 today. In order to prepare for this, I am (finally) force-upgrading all chunks globally. I have so far done this only for lot worlds, but I am doing this now also for the nether and the darklands. This will take considerable time. The nether for example updates by 1% in about 90 seconds, you do the math :D The server will be offline during that. Thanks for your understanding.

Afterwards I will upgrade the server to 1.15. Since the 1.15 upgrade has hardly any changes on the server side, there will be no need for testing and other preparations this time.

There is no plan to reset any worlds at this time. If it turns out completely impossible to find bees, let me know and we can put some eggs into the store (at a price).

Have fun!

Next up: World upgrade

As you have seen the 2D world maps have a lot of black areas. Those are there since the current version of the map renderer cannot process pre-1.13 files. I am working now to update those areas. This requires that we first of all upgrade the “mint” maps that we use to reset lots but then also to upgrade the maps people actively play on. Visiting a location in-came also fixes the issue but it’s of course time-consuming.

The automatic upgrade process also takes a lot of time, even for the kingdom it takes several hours. The automatic upgrade can currently be done only via one method: Start the server with a –forceUpgrade option and it will then go through all maps and update them before the server starts up. This is crazy since it will also update also all the maps that are never being rendered in the 2D maps such as the darklands. It would take days to finish that one and the server would be down until then.

So I need to do it one by one on a separate machine by downloading first the mint areas to my PC at home (I have the backups there, so no big issue), create a temp server, add all the worlds to it, run the update and re-upload the worlds then to the minecraft server.

Then the maps we play on need to be updated. Probably I will just reset all empty lots so those are then replaced with the 1.13 version mint files. Then only areas that are occupied but have not been visited since 1.13 need to be upgraded and that I can then do by either visiting the areas or closing down the world for a while and running the upgrade on them.

Let’s see how it goes, I will let you know about the progress.

Item Bug fixed – hopefully

I have been working the last 2 days to fix the item bug. Generally I think the biggest issues are fixed.Please try out whatever you can (deposit/store/things that broke before) and let me know if anything is not working as expected. If you are interested in the details, here is a summary of the work done:

First of all, there was a longstanding issue regarding compiling the websend plugin (the plugin that runs all custom commands for us). I always had to include all dependencies into the file which was overkill. I know learned how to do that properly and now the file is 1.6MB large instead of 60 :D

Second of all the conversion of extra data in items (such as enchantments) was always handled in a very 1:1 way in websend. It assumed to know all data that could exist and iterated it to pass it on to our server. This broke already some version ago when a lot more data was added (books etc) so we included a library called PowerNBT (nbt is the data format introduced then) to read the data and parse it for processing. The hope was to pass whatever data there is so we don’t need to worry when there is new stuff. Unfortunately, PowerNBT was abandoned and caused weird glitches in 1.12 already where under certain circumstances the commands broke. This would then crash the server and I had to restart it (see forum posts about this one).

With 1.14, the server would finally not crash anymore but only a specific command would fail. This allowed us to debug it much better and we found out that only specific items in the inventory would break things. So I managed to replace PowerNBT completely yesterday and get the additional data for items in a proper format from minecraft directly and pass it via websend to the system. Yay! One more outdated plugin gone. More long-term stability secured.

The issue with NBT data however is that it’s a Minecraft specific format that other programs cannot read. It had to be adjusted so I can work with it. This already was programmed, but the new way how I got the data out of minecraft was again slightly different. So I had to change the way we fix/process the data in my server code as well. This was done yesterday night and today and now hopefully everything is working.

The only issue is that we have now still a lot of legacy code around. I managed to coax the new system to look like the old system so that we can get rid of the bug ASAP. That does not mean however it’s the best way. I should ideally make sure that the whole system accepts and uses the new way as if it was intended like that instead. So, more work ahead of me.

Server Crashed, issue found & fixed

Hey guys, sorry for the downtime, the server crashed as it tried to generate a new chunk in the skylands. The Skylands generator is from 2012… and does not have all the expected modules that are needed and made the server crash.

I now removed the custom generators in flatlands and skylnands which should solve that problem. Since the Skylands as the flatlands are bordered anyhow, not being able to generate custom world chunks only means that chunks beyond the border will not be matching the look of the world.

Otherwise everything will be fine.

Bug #1 killed!

So I managed to kill the biggest bug, the Shield/shulker issue killing the commands from the system. Please help me verify this by doing the following:

Take enchanted shields & shulker boxes into the inventory and relogin. Test if commands like /home are working. If yes, the issue is fixed. If not, let me know in the comments.

On top of that, in the process of killing this bug, I found out a way how to get rid of a dependency in the code of Websend (which is running all our commands) which will make our live much easier in terms of keeping the server up to date for future versions.

So please let me know if you still run into problems of the commands not working.

1.14.4 Bug hunt!

Dear all,

we have now upgraded to 1.14.4 but there are still bugs around. I would like to ask you to try out everything on the server and let me know what does not work.

Specially, I know that there is still a bug somewhere with inventories. There are some inventory issues where some item combinations are causing commands to malfunction for the user. So if commands stop working for you, please do the following:

  1. Check if others have the same issue, if commands crashed for the whole server. If so, please send me a message.
  2. If it’s only for you, please empty all your inventory into a box and try some commands, relogin.
  3. If commands start working for you again, please leave the chest with your inventory as-is and send me a message with the coordinates. I will then try to replicate the issue and fix it. You’ll get your stuff back later.

1.14.4 is live! (mostly)

so 1.14.4 is online, and seems to be working fine.

What does NOT work is shop/deposit for the new blocks. You can put them in but cannot get them out. So please do not try. I will do my best to fix this tomorrow.

Please report here if you find anything else that does not work, thanks!

1.14.4 progress

I have yesterday managed to run a test server of 14.4 and upgrade websend to work with that version. So we are on a good path to be able to upgrade. I will test additional plugins today to make sure we have core functionality before upgrading the server itself.

/find command fixed

I have fixed the /find command. It should now output reliable results. Please let me know if there are issues.

Please note that enchanted stuff along with potions etc are not yet reliable. I will have to spend some more time to work on those.

1.14 Update information

Hey everyone!

given that we just upgraded the darklands to 1.13 and as there are no significant upgrades in the world generation, I have decided that there will be no temporary 1.14 server. We will upgrade the main server as soon as technically possible (as usual).

Please be patient until the first stable 1.14 spigot builds are out.



1.14 status

Hey all, I am right now on vacation until Monday so there will be nothing happening in terms of the 1.14 update information until then.

Once I am back home, I’ll take a look at the situation and update news then. Until then, the server is running 1.13.

Thanks for your patience!


Full item icons!

I have done some research now on the item icons and found a nice way to get a 99.5% full set of all block and item icons. I am using the update item name page of the wiki and parse the data to get all the icons from there.

So the shop manager now has a full list of all icons. Yay!